My Travel Adventures – 2014 Part 3

Part 3 of my travel adventures in 2014

August- The Highlands of Scotland

Crossing the Skye bridge over to Kyle of Lochalsh we travelled on to Plockton the very pretty village on the shores of Loch Carron. An idyllic place it is a haven for tourists and artists. Plockton was mainly a fishing and crofting village and while the village is no longer dependent on this, the sea still plays an important role, with many local people owning a boat.

Plockton at low tide

File3886 copy


The famous Palm Tree’s.

The village faces east, away from the prevailing winds, which together with the North Atlantic Drift gives it a mild climate.


Locally caught shellfish


Plockton Bay


Eilean Donan Castle at Dornie is one of the most iconic images of Scotland.

File3891 copy

Situated on an island at the point where three sea lochs meet, and surrounded by some majestic scenery (can you spot the heather on the hills in the background) it is one of the most visited and premium tourist attractions in the Scottish highlands.

You can wander round most of the fabulous internal rooms of the castle viewing period furniture, Jacobean artefacts, displays of weapons and fine art. Guides are on hand inside the castle to answer any questions, you can even have a wedding inside the beautiful banqueting hall.

It has a lovely visitor centre with tourist information, shops and a café but it also has plenty of picnic benches outside so if you are ever visiting the castle bring a picnic and enjoy the beautiful views towards the castle.


File3896 copy




Highlands cows at the very quaint crofting village of Duirnish. Duirnish is between Kyle of Lochalsh and Plockton.


File3925 copy

Kintail Northwest Highlands


Hope you enjoyed this stunningly beautiful part of the Highlands, see you tomorrow for my Autumn adventure when I visit France.

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  • What gorgeous photographs! This looks like such a beautiful part of the country. I live in Scotland but I’ve embarrassingly never spent any time in the Highlands – and I haven’t even ever seen a Highland cow in real life! It’s definitely on my to do list for 2015.


    • Thanks. It is lovely and especially on a nice day it looks even better we got so lucky with the weather. Nice blog by the way 😉

  • Your photos have inspired me to visit the Scottish Highlands. I have not been to Europe for a few years, but on my next trip this will have to be on my list. Those highland cows are amazing. You got some lovely shots of them.

  • Love the photographs! It’s a dream of mine to visit Scotland one day. If I ever leave North America, I guarantee you I’ll be visiting Scotland! I always have to laugh at myself – at first glance, castles look so very small, and yet I know they were quite large! It’s like, when I picture a castle in my head, I think of many of the idyllic Scottish castles, but when I think of them in terms of size, my brain pictures Windsor Castle. Out of curiosity, from someone who doesn’t know, what’s famous about the palm trees, besides the fact that they’re seemingly out of place in Scotland? Or is that it? Because I certainly wouldn’t expect to see palm trees in Scotland!

  • Palm trees at the North Atlantic – who knew! Love the pictures of the Highland cows and looking forward to reading more about your travels in France next time.

  • Highland cows have to be one of the cutest things ever. I would have had to pet one! Scotland is such a pretty country.

  • Thank you for these great photographs and excellent commentary. I, too, have been wanting to visit Scotland (I do medieval reenactment and focus on 10th – 11th century Scotland). What I like best about these photos is all the *sunshine*!!! And, of course, I have never seen a more adorable cow than the one you posted. I look forward to coming back again and following your adventures.

  • Wow, I didn’t realize how beautiful the highlands were! When we went to Scotland we sort of breezed through, unfortunately. Your photos really make me want to take another trip out that way – especially those huge prawns and the lovely cow. I have a soft spot for both food and animals 🙂 It all looks amazing though. What an experience.

  • Lovely country overall. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to swing by when I visited London last year, but as you can imagine, it’s quite a ways away. I wasn’t entirely sure either if there were any interesting spots to visit in Scotland, but I guess looking at your post there are indeed quite a few. I only I was there for pleasure.

    • Thanks Tommy, glad you enjoyed the post and it gave some inspiration if you ever get to visit again. There are so many places in Scotland and the UK in general I have not visited yet either each area is so unique I am hoping to travel more in my own country in the future.

  • I love Scotland and the Isle of Skye in particular and it looks like you had some excellent weather whilst you were there. You have some excellent photos as a result. Last time I was there I was stunningly lucky with the weather on all but one day. And I am very glad to see that you met a Highland Coo as Highland Cattle are otherwise known! They are magnificent beasts. Did you know you can tell the sex of the coo simply by the direction the horns point? The one is your photo is female.

  • I have never been to Scotland but it looks amazing. Great to see what a small village looks like, instead of the usual pictures of the big cities of Scotland. It looks like a different world. Eilean Donan Castle is a new must-see for me. Thanks

  • Scotland has been on my travel list for years! I haven’t quite been able to stop going to France. The pictures are more than beautiful! The highland cow has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen! It looks like a character in a Disney movie.:) Your picture makes me want to ruffle it’s hair and hug it. Palm trees in Scotland! You learn something new everyday! I had no idea! My main reason for wanting to go to Scotland is to explore my husband’s genealogy. I am definitely going to add in traveling for places even if he is not necessarily from those towns. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful pictures!

  • That castle looks so very dreamy! I need to go to Scotland, it’s very clear now. I’ve always kind of wondered what it’s like…and now I know! It is seriously so much like a fairy tale. I don’t know of any other castles here in the U.S. besides Hearst Castle. You should check it out! It’s so lavish and gorgeous. But nothing like a true European castle! 🙂

    • No shortage of Castle’s here if you are planning a trip 🙂 looked up Hearst Castle looks lovely, California is on my must visit list hopefully I will get back to the US soon a visit is long overdue 😉

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