Potatoes Dauphinoise

The name Dauphinoise comes from the Dauphiné region in south-east France, where the Potatoes Dauphinoise recipe is said to originate. The dish is distinguished from gratin savoyard by the use of cream, and from ordinary gratin potatoes by the use of raw and not boiled potatoes.

The traditional recipe is only with cream, not cheese but I like to sprinkle a bit of Gruyère cheese on top in the last stages of cooking. There are many variations and recipes for Potatoes Dauphinoise, I find this method the most simple and it always turns out well.

Potatoes Dauphinoise

4-5 large potatoes

(Use good quality potatoes such as Desiree, Maris Piper, King Edward)

250ml of Whole Milk

300ml  of Double Cream

3 cloves of garlic minced

Salt & Pepper


A good grating of fresh Nutmeg or half a teaspoon if using dried (optional)

A good handful of grated Gruyère cheese (optional)


Pre heat the oven to 190 degrees

Wash and peel the potatoes. Slice them into rounds about 3-4 mm thick.

Try to slice the potatoes as thinly as possible for the best results.

Mix the cream, milk and garlic together in a jug, season well with salt, add the pepper and nutmeg

Grease a baking dish with a bit of butter

Layer the potatoes in the dish, over each layer pour a little of the mixture, and pour the rest over when you reach the top (try to keep whole slices for the top layer)

Dot with butter and cover the dish with foil. Bake for an hour in the middle of the oven.

After an hour, remove the foil this is when I add a good sprinkling of Gruyère cheese and bake uncovered for a further 30 minutes after which the top should be golden and bubbling, and the potatoes soft when poked with a knife.


Serve bubbling hot as a main meal or as an accompaniment.

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  • Hi I just found your blog and I’m in love with everything you’ve posted. There are breath taking pictures of your travels and foods.

    This dish here, I’m going to have to try this recipe. I love all the ingredients involved and the steps are easy to follow. It just look so yummy. I’ll tell you how it turns out if I ever get around to making it. 🙂

  • I’m new here, but wanted to take a moment away from the luscious eye-candy, and express my admiration. This is such a lovely blog! The photography is simply beautiful, and these recipes look absolutely scrumptious! I’m going to try this one. Thanks and congratulations on producing such a lovely blog, and leading such a well-traveled life! That is definitely a future goal for me! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words and welcome to the blog, so glad you are enjoying it 🙂 More to come so please do visit again soon 😉

  • This recipe looks absolutely amazing. I love anything that has cheese and garlic. Definitely going to make this tomorrow with dinner.

  • As a newcomer and recently relocated Kansan, I’m firstly intrigued and secondly, unsurprisingly, very hungry all of a sudden. This dish seems almost identical to what Midwesterners call “scalloped potatoes.” Do the dishes have similar origins? Or is there a key difference of which I am unaware? I am also curious about what one would serve alongside this dish. It seems incredibly rich and filling, heavy, even. Do people have recommendations about what would go well with it?

    • Interesting that they are indentical to that dish you speak of, I really have no idea about the origins of that one in particular? Maybe another reader can help??
      Your right about it being incredibly rich and filling so either as a really small side to a meat dish like beef or lamb or on its own with some salad and crusty bread.

  • This really looks wonderful! My husband likes potatoes so I’m always looking for a new dish to try, and I’m looking forward to trying this one!

  • These look absolutely amazing! These are my favourite type of potatoes…. it’s the perfect mix of cream, garlic and potatoes. I love to eat these with confit of duck and some flagolets. It is not the healthiest of meals but so so tasty! But sure if we are going to start with garlic and cream we may as well continue with the trend!
    I am always looking to try new receipes to see if there are ways to improve on dishes but from the look of these photos I will not be disappointed!

  • This is one of my favourite dishes and the perfect comfort food. I can eat this by itself with a nice glass of wine and some nice crusty bread to use of the last of the creamy sauce. I do like my potatoes a little on the burnt side as they just taste nicer and always choose those when I am at the dinner table. They may take awhile to cook, but are worth it.

  • An abosolutely Delious recipe. I would use it the compliment any dinner. Its really good that it require no onions. Your ingredients are easy to attain. We love potatoes with beef and vegetables. This recipe will be placed in my file.

  • Hi. This recipe sounds lovely. Another great way to cook with potatoes. At the moment I’m running out of meal ideas and this will certainly be something i try in the near future. Do you have a cost per portion and alternative cheese to use?

    • Hello and welcome to the blog. Comte, Jarlsberg and Emmental would make a good alternatives, sorry I do not have a cost per portion as the ingredients will vary from shop/area etc but it is not that expensive as the recipe has just a few ingredients.

  • I am a new reader and I really love the elegant layout and theme of your blog! It’s very classy.
    Thanks for this post and recipe. It sounds and looks fancy but it honestly just seems so simple even I could do it. LOL. I can’t wait to try it out this weekend for my boyfriend’s birthday dinner, as he looked over my shoulder at the picture and declared it looked delicious!

  • This looks absolutely superb! My mouth is watering and while I’m really glad I stumbled across your blog, I’m now upset that I did so with an empty stomach. Oh! You had me at Gruyère cheese!

  • Mmmm cheese, butter, potatoes! This sounds delicious! I am definitely making this when my parents come to visit me next weekend! I think this would be absolutely amazing with some good cider on a cold night.

  • Seriously…cheesy potatoes are the best. And on top of that, THESE are even better. I haven’t even tried or made this dish yet and I just know that it’ll be amazing! My mouth is watering. I need to get cooking! 😀

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