Granny’s Sewing Machine..

On a visit to a local historical society last week when I was on holiday I noticed they had an old sewing machine on display. It was not in very good condition and I remarked to my mother what a shame ย it was like that as they are so pretty. Up pipes mother oh yes your granny’s one is in much better condition.

ย Granny’s sewing machine!!!!

What sewing machine!!??

I had never heard of this sewing machine before let alone set eyes on it!

It has been lovingly kept covered up in a safe place for many years so it would not get damaged.

What a beauty it is and still in working order how fantastic.



Vickers Sewing Machine


I looked up the make of the machine online as I had never heard of it before and found out this interesting information.

“Produced from 1917 to 1939 in Crayford, London by the Vickers Company, famous for their WWI Machine Gun and later of course for several aircraft.
The Vickers De Luxe Model was produced in direct competition to the popular German Frister & Rossmann sewing machine and Vickers unabashed aim of destroying the German company`s market share was such a success that Frister & Rossmann survived in name only from the 1920s.”