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Dill and Yogurt Sauce/Dip

This is an easy sauce/dip that goes well with many dishes like Kebabs, Meatballs, Pita Bread, Potato Wedges, Chips, Crisps.

Dill and Yogurt Sauce/Dip


 100-150mls Natural Yogurt

Handful of fresh Dill (you can use dried if fresh is not available)

1-2 cloves of Garlic (Depends how garlicky you want your sauce)


Olive Oil – Optional

Red and Black Pepper- Optional

Crush the Garlic clove/s into a bowl add some salt and mix well

Discard the stalks and chop up the Dill add to the bowl along with the yogurt and mix well

Pour into a serving dish and serve

(Optional – Drizzle a small amount of Olive Oil on top and a sprinkle of red and black pepper)

Dill and Yoghurt Sauce

Sauce served plain style

Dill and Yoghurt Sauce

Or with the Olive Oil and Pepper

Dill and Yoghurt Sauce