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Days Out – York

 Recently I visited the Yorkshire area of England for a few days and I was able to spend a day in the city of York. York has a rich heritage with many historic and interesting sights. I had a great time and tried to see as many of York’s attractions as I could in the short time I had. Luckily it was a lovely sunny day and as it was early March it was not too busy with other tourists.

Here are some of my highlights!

York’s City Walls

York’s centre is enclosed by the city’s medieval walls, these defences are the most complete in England. The entire circuit is about 2.5 miles (4 km)

York City Walls

Dick Turpin’s Grave

Dick Turpin's Grave York

The grave of the famous highwayman Richard “Dick” Turpin is found in St George’s Church Yard in Fishergate. Dick Turpin moved to Yorkshire In 1737 and assumed the alias of John Palmer. Suspected of being a horse thief, “Palmer” was imprisoned in York Castle. Turpin’s true identity was revealed by a letter he wrote to his brother-in-law from his prison cell. On 22 March 1739 Turpin was found guilty on two charges of horse theft and sentenced to death.

Clifford’s Tower

Clifford Tower York

Clifford's Tower York

Clifford’s Tower is almost all that remains of York Castle. This imposing tower is set on a tall mound giving you a spectacular view of York’s city centre. The picture below shows the view of York Minister from the top of Clifford’s Tower.

York City Centre from Clifford Tower

York Castle Museum and York Castle Prison

York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum

York Castle Prison

York Castle Museum

Merchant Adventurer’s Hall

This stunning timber-framed building dates back to 1357.


Merchants Hall York

Below is the Medieval ‘Evidence Chest’ which is older than the hall itself dating from the 1340’s

Merchants Hall York

The Mansion House

The historic home of the Lord Mayor.

Mansion House York

Constantine the Great

The statue by the South door of York Minster shows Constantine the Great who was proclaimed Emperor of Rome here in York, in AD 306.

Constantine the Great York

York Minster

York Minster is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe and it dominates the city.

York Minister

York Minster



The best view of York and the  Yorkshire countryside is from the top of the Central Tower of York Minster

 only 275 steps and 230 feet later phew!!!!!



Around York



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This is just a snapshot of my day, I also visited the Jorvik Viking Centre but no photography was allowed. I had a great time and may do some more posts about my favourite places which was York Minister and York Castle and Museum. You could be here for a week and not see everything, it is well worth a visit and I can highly recommend the city. It is the first place I have been where some of the attraction tickets are valid for a year so it is also great value!

Has anyone visited York?? What was your favourite thing about the city??