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France-Médoc Highlights

We saw so many interesting things just driving around this lovely area so here are some highlights.  Pauillac and Margaux are really very nice if you ever visit this area.

Château Palmer

Driving through the Médoc on the famous “route des châteaux” suddenly, the façade of the  Château Palmer (built-in 1856) comes abruptly into view behind an imposing wrought-iron gate, with its blue shutters, conical turrets, flags and its cream-colored stone it is quite a surprise after a sharp bend in the road.

Although many wine estates have what can be called a Chateau on the grounds not many have a castle like this, it is beautiful.

Chateau Palmer

From the back surrounded by vineyards

Chateau Palmer

Château Margaux 

The crème de la crème Château Margaux is one of the Premier Cru (first growth) estates in this area.

The Château shown was completed in 1812, the old one was torn down and this is its replacement which is pretty impressive, usually you can get right up through the gates and walk around but unfortunately on this day it was shut for a private function. I would love to visit here in the future as it is a classic.

Chateau Margaux

Château Pichon Longueville Baron

(Built in 1851) this is a Deuxièmes Crus (Second Growth) estate in the Pauillac Appellation. It’s also right on the main road like Chateau Palmer.

Château Pichon Longueville

Château Cos d’Estournel

Château Cos d'Estournel

Château Cos d'Estournel

Louis d’Estournel a wealthy merchant who made his fortune in Asia, developed the estate in the 19th Century. He commissioned the design of the winery to remind him of the time he had spent in the Far East. It is the first building you will see when entering the St-Estephe Appellation from Pauillac. It is impossible not to be impressed by this highly unusual Chateau. It is another Deuxièmes Crus (Second Growth) estate.

Beautiful roses can be found near most of the vineyards these are not just for decoration they help winemakers know the condition of the soil/vines.

Bordeaux vine yard roses

Bordeaux Roses