Potato Soup

This simple Potato soup is thick and creamy, the perfect choice on a cold winter’s day.

Potato Soup


1 medium Onion diced

2 sticks of Celery diced

3 medium Potatoes diced

1 litre Chicken Stock

2-3 tablespoons plain flour

1/2 cup of milk

1/2 cup double cream

Salt and Pepper

1/2 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

1 teaspoon freshly chopped or dried parsley


In large pan add some butter or a splash of oil/dripping and set to a medium to high heat.

Add the onions and celery cook for 2 minutes then add the potatoes.

Cook for 5 minutes and season well with salt and pepper.

Pour in the stock and bring to the boil, cook gently for a further 10-15 minutes or until the potatoes are starting to get soft.

Whisk the flour and milk in a bowl until smooth and pour into the pan.

Cook for another 5 mins.

Use a stick blender/food processor and blend until completely smooth.

Check the seasoning, add more salt and pepper if needed.

Stir in the cayenne pepper and cream and mix well, add the parsley.

Serve in bowls garnish with parsley and maybe a little grated cheese if it takes your fancy!

Potato Soup

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  1. fenalpha says

    Wow that looks so good! Sometimes when it’s super cold out and you just get back that’s what you need :) I walk most everywhere so this would be lovely one of the days. I will try it, thank you.

  2. cquinn182 says

    Thank you for posting this recipe, I already make similar soups but never thought to use the cayenne pepper or grate cheese on top!

    Will definitely be trying this out soon.

    Could you tell me how long this soup stays good for though? – Just wondering because of the cream and milk additions.


    • Mary says

      Your welcome :-) With most soups I would say they taste better the next day but with this one I found it was nicer the day it was made, I have kept it overnight in the fridge and had it reheated the next day, it was fine I just found it quite thick. I would not recommend keeping it more than a day or 2. I use Cayenne Pepper quite a lot in my recipes. Next time you have Tomato Soup sprinkle a little grated cheese on top you won’t regret it! ;-)

  3. ally79 says

    This looks really simple and delicious as well! Potato soup is one of my favorite meals, especially during the colder months. I make something similar to this in my slow cooker with bacon and chives. I have never tried putting cayenne pepper in my potato soup so i will definitely be giving that a try!

  4. Caffajake says

    This looks absolutely amazing. I can’t get enough of thick and creamy potato soups – especially accompanied by warm buttered crusty bread, on a chilly day inside a warm house!

    I really love leek and potato soup too. How would you go about adding leek to this soup – would you have to adjust the recipe at all or would it be as simple as chopping up a leek and adding it to everything else? And why do you add cayenne pepper at the end? (It seems out of place with the other ingredients, does it give it a bit of a kick, or bring out the other flavours…?)

    Thanks for the recipe!

    • Mary says

      Your welcome :-) I would just add the leeks, if you want to maybe substitute the celery for the leeks or add a smaller quantity of all 3 veg that could be an idea?? I find the Cayenne pepper just adds a rustic warmth to it, feel free to not add it though if its not to your taste ;-) I sometimes experiment and throw random things in if I find the seasoning is not strong enough!

  5. Diprotodon says

    Simple, warm soups like this are so important this time of year, haha. :)

    Question: my partner and I are vegan, and while occasionally on creamy recipes like this I’ll simply substitute milk for a plant-based milk (like soy or almond), I’m wondering how this might taste without the creamy addition altogether. The chicken stock part is easy to sub out (vegetable stock is so easy to make at home, too), but I don’t know if this will work texture-wise without the milk. Do you have any thoughts about it?

    • Mary says

      I think texture wise it would be ok I like to blend my soups so that makes it seem a bit more creamy anyway, I think plenty seasoning is the key with this soup the milk/cream really just adds to the colour and a bit of luxury. It would be fine without, cashew nuts/almonds make a good substitution for milk and cream in soups!

  6. Ninjasparkles says

    Wow, this looks great! My father is a HUGE fan of potato soup. He orders it whenever we go out (if they have it), and requests I make it from time to time. I am going to try this recipe out this week!

  7. sbailey757 says

    This looks like a simple recipe that I could try. I never have made potato soup but, this recipe I will try before it gets to be too warm outside.

  8. cpefley says

    This looks so tasty! I am on a gluten free diet, and I think this would work, but will have to substitute the flour for something…maybe soy flour?

    • Mary says

      Thanks! Soy flour would work I am sure or maybe try taking out the flour all together, it really does get thick enough/colour up well without it. I am going to be hopefully posting some gluten free recipes soon as I am trying to reduce my gluten intake, although I do love fresh bread so much even though it doesn’t love me back ;-)

  9. bowers2013 says

    I just tried your recipe and I must say this is incredible. I, however used a crock pot. My husband is a die hard hunter and last night I had everything together in the fridge in my crock pot. Following my instruction he turned it on this morning as he went out the door. This evening when he got home, freezing from being out in the rain all day, he devoured about four bowls. Not only was this a great recipe but it warmed him up well.

  10. Bella says

    I’m vegetarian as well, so I would use soy milk instead, but as I like my soup really thick and chunky I shouldn’t have too many problems thickening it with the potatoes. I love sweetcorn in my soups so I always add spoonfuls which gives it some extra flavor.

    I know potatoes can get a bad name for being unhealthy and heavy, but freshly made soup is really nutritious and I sometimes keep the potato skins on some of my cubes in the soup.

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