About me

Hi and welcome to my blog

I’m Mary and I live in the North East of Scotland


After many years of following and enjoying various lifestyle blogs, I was encouraged to start my own blog so in January 2013 Hoosewifey was born.

I love Travel, Food, Books and Photography

I also enjoy Homemaking and Organising

What’s in a name?

How do you find a name for your blog without sounding like everyone else? It’s quite hard and the name you start out with might not always be suitable years down the line.

Doric is the dialect and local lingo spoken here in the North East of Scotland, especially around Aberdeen City and the County of Aberdeenshire.

Hoose is Scots for House and Wifie is Doric for Woman

The practice of adding a “y” to virtually any word or description is also recognised as very Aberdonian, eg shop to shoppy, so that is how the name Hoosewifey came about, it was unique, it just came to me and suited the style of the blog when I first started out.  As time has gone on I have maybe focused less on the recipes and homemaking but it is still something I really enjoy.

I also love to hear your comments and thoughts so please do leave me a message.

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Thank you for visiting!

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